8 Tips on how to dress in your 40s

By the time you hit your 40s, you must have developed a certain sense of style. And, the best way to maintain your aura is by holding onto that signature look. Although no stylist would ever ask you to throw away your most-endeared threads, you must instill specific renditions to your clothing. If you want to know how to dress in your 40s, you will have to bear particular tips and follow particular rules to nail your 40s.

Read on to know more about these tips that will help you look stunning even in your 40s.

1.   Avoid matching attires

 A two-piece suit is such a no-no for a lady! It makes a woman look very stiff, and you must strictly avoid purchasing them. Primarily if you have surpassed your 40s, you must drop the idea of going with matching suits for your official wear. Instead, you must opt for blouses and sweaters paired up with skirts or trousers.

 2.   Toss out the super-cheap fabrics

 Fast fashion or cheap fabrics may have worked until now, but it’s time for you to steer clear of them. It is time for you to let go of cute attires and gaudy styling and opt for something more professional and classy.  If you are aging, you might as well do it gracefully. Therefore, instead of inclining towards eye-catching stuff go for modest yet classy items, which will automatically enhance your sense of styling. And that is a guarantee!

 3.   A sense of balance

Now that we have advised you enough on dressing classy let us tell you about maintaining a balanced proportion throughout your wardrobe. Are you in a dilemma about how to dress in your 40s? Pairing up a flowy top with a bodycon skirt will impart authenticity. However, if you make slight alterations like adding that oversized top with a pair of baggy pants, it is going to create a fashion disaster. Just as the branches of government, your attire should behold a balance of power.

 4.   It’s time to say goodbyes to the micro-minis

You could have the best legs, but you should now leave some things to the imagination. Now that you have hit your 40s it would be wiser and classier if you got rid of your micro-minis. You can continue with your short hemline dresses and flaunt your beautiful skin. However, at times you will have to skip dressing up with uber-short hemlines!

5.   Leave behind your shredded denim

That might sound harsh to you now, but let us explain to you about it in details. If you possess any denim material with a little shred here and there, that is gullible and stylish even. However, majorly ripped with oversized holes becomes unnecessary! And, let us tell you those are very far away from being stylish, at least when you are in your 40s.

6.   A classy over-coat is a must!

A camel trench is an iconic wear that works with almost every outfit that you put on. The thought of how to dress in your 40s and still maintain the upscale look often crosses our minds. Therefore, you need to select a coat that perfectly suits your appearance. The very reason for us to suggest this is, you will have to make the right amount of investment in purchasing a sophisticated overcoat. And, the chances of you wearing it almost everywhere is very likely.

 7.   An Inky-black Dress

Eye-catching and bright colors are undoubtedly beautiful, but nothing can replace an attire of gorgeous ink-black hue. And, the best part about such a dress is, it will work with almost all kinds of occasions that you attend. If you are wondering how to dress in your 40s when attending an informal event, well the little black dress is your answer!

Since black is such a neutral color, you get a broad scope to experiment in the area of accessories that you carry and the footwear that you select. This will expand your horizon for styling with just one particular dress.

8.   The Darker shade of Denim becomes the new cool!

The prime factor of how to dress in your 40s is choosing the right pair of denim for you. We aren’t asking you to alter your denim drawer entirely. Whether you are going for skinny, straight cut or boot cut jeans opt for the darker shaded. They impart an exclusive look especially when paired up with a light-colored top. Indigo, stonewashed, without any rip and tear is posher.

Bottom Line

Once you have thoroughly read the guide, you will have the basic idea about how to dress in your 40s. And, once you have made the necessary investments and bought all the basics and pieces, it is time you organized your wardrobe accordingly. By doing so you will have endless options to mix and match and curate a different look every time you head out of your house. You must embrace all the high-low styling tricks and take good note of all the rules that apply to accessorize. And, undoubtedly you will have an endless amount of looks.

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